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Capturing Moments with Passion: Why You Should Choose Us

Welcome to Ric Lewis Photography where passion meets expertise, and moments are beautifully immortalized. I wanted to share with you the reasons why choosing our husband and wife team will ensure an exceptional photography experience like no other.

Reason 1. The Power of Two: Two Photographers, One Unforgettable Experience

When you choose our photography company, you gain the advantage of having not just one, but two skilled photographers dedicated to capturing your special moments. As a husband and wife team, we seamlessly complement each other’s strengths and perspectives, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of your event or photo session. With us, you receive the combined creative vision, technical proficiency, and a broader range of captured moments, all for the price of one. It’s like having double the talent and double the magic!

Reason 2. Educators in Photography: Sharing Knowledge, Inspiring Creativity

We are not just passionate photographers; we are also dedicated educators in our field. We believe in empowering others with the knowledge and skills to capture breathtaking photographs. Through our workshops on photography and posing, we share our expertise, tips, and techniques with aspiring photographers, enthusiasts, and even fellow professionals. By choosing our photography company, you benefit from our commitment to continuous learning and growth, as we stay at the forefront of industry trends and share valuable insights with you. Also, if professionals come to us to learn and grow, why wouldn’t you choose us for your session?

Reason 3. Recognized Excellence: Awards, Accolades, and Publications

Our journey in photography has been marked by numerous awards, accolades, and publications that recognize our dedication to the craft. These honors validate our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and artistry in every image we capture. From local competitions to prestigious industry publications, our work has been celebrated and acknowledged for its outstanding creativity, technical prowess, and ability to evoke emotions. When you choose Ric Lewis Photography, you choose a team that has been recognized by their peers and the industry for their remarkable contributions.

Reason 4. Ambassadorships and Sponsorships

Multiple industry brands have chosen Ric Lewis Photography to sponsor and represent them as an ambassador. What does this mean? These are companies that range from photography software, photography lighting, photo printing and album printing services, photography backdrop creators, and even dress makers and designers. These are companies fully immersed in the photography business world and see talented photographers everyday and they choose Ric Lewis Photography to be their representative based on our skill, professionalism, and expertise. If they choose us, you should too. This also means we can pass discounts onto you for your printing needs.


Choosing Ric Lewis Photography means choosing a husband and wife team that brings together the perfect blend of artistry, technical expertise, and a shared passion for capturing life’s most precious moments. With two photographers by your side, you receive an unparalleled level of coverage, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. As educators, we empower others with the knowledge and skills to excel in photography. Our awards, accolades, and publications attest to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our ambassadorships and brand sponsors attest to our proficiency in the industry as well as ensures discounts for you. Entrust us with your photography needs, and together, we will create timeless memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and be part of your photographic journey.

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