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Unveiling the Truth: Beware of Boudoir Photography Scams

In the world of boudoir photography, trust and transparency are paramount. Our clients place trust in us to capture empowering and beautiful images of themselves. Unfortunately, some boudoir photographers engage in deceptive practices, luring clients with seemingly all-inclusive pricing, only to reveal hidden fees for essential elements such as images or professional hair and makeup. At Ric Lewis Photography, we take pride in our upfront and honest approach. We believe in providing a genuine, empowering experience without any unpleasant surprises. Join us as we uncover the truth behind boudoir photography scams and share how we ensure a transparent and unforgettable boudoir photography journey.

The Scam:

I know that as I’m writing this I’ll be upsetting many photographers. Especially ones who use these methods. However, my responsibility is to the client. For me, integrity is paramount. There are deceitful methods being used on clients in the boudoir industry. The first is the “Session Fee". The way its worded leads the client to believe this is the total cost of the boudoir package. They believe no other fee is involved. In reality this session fee covers the clients professional hair and make-up artist (however, sometimes they even get scammed into paying extra for hair and makeup on top of the session fee.)

Once the boudoir session is at a close the client is informed that this session fee was for the photographers “time" and images or edits are extra and won’t be delivered until paid. So essentially the client paid to have the experience but gets no product. Wanting to have their images they unfortunately pay 100s to even 1000s more just to get their images.

To add onto this, there’s even an upcharge to get high resolution images!!! The client just paid 1000s for their images. They receive low to medium resolution images that are good on a cell phone but not good for printing or a photo album or wall art. So if the client wanted to give their significant other physical copies of the images, they now have to pay extra for high resolution images or else everything will be blurry or pixelated in the prints.

Also, there are even some photographers who charge their clients for photo rights!!! Meaning, this client just paid for their session and images but legally can’t have them printed without image rights and a print release.

There’s also the scam of telling the client to just show up and nothing is needed. However, when it’s time for their session the photographer tells them they have to pay to use the client closet (lingerie).

These are just a few of the ridiculous upcharges and scams in the boudoir industry, however, there are more that could be listed here.

Honesty in Pricing: What You See is What You Get

Unlike deceptive boudoir photography scams, we believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing. Our packages are designed to meet a variety of needs and can be tailored to suit individual preferences. We ensure that the pricing you see accurately reflects what is included, without any hidden fees or unexpected expenses. The price you see includes your session, access to our client closet, hair and make-up if needed, and the number of edited images that your package includes. If you want more images than what your package includes, they can be added a la cart. If you want physical copies such as a boudoir album book or large canvas print, they can be added a la cart. Our commitment to open communication means that you can trust us to be forthright and clear about all aspects of your boudoir photography experience.

A Luxurious Wardrobe: Embrace Confidence and Elegance

To enhance your boudoir photography session, we provide a curated client wardrobe filled with a selection of exquisite lingerie. We understand that choosing the perfect ensemble can be overwhelming, so we offer a range of options that cater to different styles and body types. Whether you prefer delicate lace, bold designs, or classic elegance, our wardrobe ensures you’ll feel comfortable, beautiful, and empowered throughout your session.

Kayla: Your Supportive Posing Coach

We believe that every client deserves guidance and support during their boudoir session. That’s why Kayla, a skilled posing coach, is always present to help you feel at ease and guide you through flattering poses that accentuate your unique beauty. Kayla’s expertise and friendly demeanor create a safe and comfortable environment where you can explore your sensuality, express yourself, and capture breathtaking images.

Ric: The Lighting and Editing Wizard

We believe in celebrating you for who you are and not take away or add anything to the features or qualities that make you unique and make you ….well…! Ric is an expert at using light to shape and accentuate you’re beautiful features. Creating dramatic and moody art with you as the masterpiece. Ric is also a retoucher and editor for other boudoir photographers which means he has tons of experience and expertise in retouching your images. It also means faster turn around time when delivering your images because retouching isn’t outsourced.


In a market where boudoir photography scams exploit unsuspecting clients, Ric Lewis Photography stands as a beacon of honesty and integrity. Our commitment to transparency ensures that there are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses. We provide an empowering experience where what you see is what you get. Our client wardrobe offers a range of lingerie options, allowing you to express your individuality and embrace your confidence. With Kayla as your posing coach, you can trust in her expertise and guidance as you embark on a transformative boudoir photography journey.

Choose Ric Lewis Photography, where authenticity, trust, and exceptional artistry converge. Let us capture your unique beauty and create stunning images that celebrate your strength, sensuality, and self-expression.

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